Medical Chart Greeting Card & Gift Holder – for Daniella’s Nursing School Graduation
  • I have an unusually high number of medical professionals in my life.  There’s a good handful of them in my family – my dad, my uncle, my cousin, my cousin’s husband, just to name a few – but I also have a friend who just finished dental school, another friend who’s almost done with PA school, and still another who just graduated from nursing school!

    Daniella, the youngest in my favorite group of women in the world (she’s the one in the blue sweater), is now an RN!  To celebrate this huge accomplishment, the TKN gals wanted to get her something that we knew she could use in her new profession – cute scrubs!  But since we weren’t sure where she would end up working or what the dress code would be there, we pooled our money and opted for a group cash gift instead.

    Giving cash can be kind of awkward, especially when it’s between friends.  I know it’s a great gift to receive, but it can feel impersonal when you’re tucking a few bills into a card.  I like to dress it up a bit if I’m going to give a cash gift.  My grandmother is a master at this – she’ll tape a check to the sole of a pair of slippers, or tuck the bills inside a pair of barrettes.

    So in order to dress up Daniella’s group gift, I created this card – it measures 5″x7″ and is styled to look just like a miniature medical chart!

    The outside of the card - tan heavyweight cardstock was used to mimic a manila folder.

    When you open up the card, the text panels on the inside are set up with medical chart information – both typed and “handwritten” – and there’s a small envelope clipped to the left side that’s the perfect size to hold a few bills.

    A wide shot of the inside of the card.

    A closer look at the personal message - I used the least legible script font I had to approximate a doctor's penmanship.

    A view of the left side of the card with the gift envelope detached.

    Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother posting about a card I made for a friend – I make individual cards quite often and don’t generally reproduce them – but I was so excited by the way this one came out that I thought it was worthy of an Etsy listing.  Besides, I can’t be the only person out there with a zillion doctors, dentists, nurses, and PAs in her life!  It’s graduation season, and if anyone out there is looking for the perfect way to present a cash, check, or gift card to a new medical professional, get an order in today!

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  • ramonaruby 04.19.2010

    This came out so awesome… really amazing Kat!

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