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  • I really need to catch up on my blogging!  I’ve been meaning to post this design for a couple weeks now and haven’t had the opportunity.  In my defense, my husband and I finally closed escrow on our new home on July 31st and have been busy tearing it to pieces every day, so I haven’t had as much computer time as usual.

    Dina purchased one of my stock designs on Etsy.   These are digital designs I’ve created that allow for some customization.  It’s a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a completely custom creation, and for some folks, it may be the perfect fit.

    This is the stock design Dina chose:

    A stock design from my Etsy collection.  This can be customized with any text or color scheme.

    A stock design from my Etsy collection. This can be customized with any text or color scheme.

    In her purchase notes, she told me that she was creating a gift for a baby shower.  She wanted the file customized with the name of the baby, and instead of the wedding text on the sides, she asked for the following phrases:  “Apple of our Eye” and “Grown from Heirloom Seed.”  She also wanted a grass green and pale yellow color scheme to match the nursery.

    Dina told me she was going to print it and modge podge it on the front of an old fruit crate to use for storage in the nursery, and she was going to fill it with other fruit and vegetable themed items – onesies with carrots and peas on them, a hand-knitted strawberry hat, and an Anna Banana stuffed toy.  Is that the cutest idea in the world or what?  I loved it!

    Stock designs include two minor revisions once the initial proof has been sent.  Dina was happy with the first draft, but she wanted the color changed slightly on one piece of text.  No problem!  We went back and forth on that color a couple of times (and I still count that as just one revision, since it’s trying to correct the same issue) before I finally hit on the perfect shade of dusty rose for the last name.

    Here’s the final product (the name has been changed to protect the innocent baby!):

    The stock design, completely customized and ready to print!

    The stock design, completely customized and ready to print!

    Thank you, Dina!  I’m sure your gift will be a hit!  I may even have to steal your idea for one of the million baby showers I have coming up this year :) .

    If you’re interested in working with a custom design and you have questions you want answered first, email me or convo me on Etsy!  I’ll be adding more designs to the shop periodically, so keep checking back and see if there’s anything new that calls out to you.

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