Kelly and Jeff – The Design Process
  • Long time,  no post!  I’m in the middle of a couple of projects that I hope to show off next week, but for now I wanted to tell you about the process of creating a custom design, and my recent client Kelly gave me permission to blog about her :) .

    Kelly contacted me on Etsy and wanted me to design a custom vintage fruit crate label for her wedding to Jeff.  They’re planning a charming affair with the theme “The Perfect Pear,” and she wanted the label to involve pears and Southern California, since that’s where the two of them met.  The colors they are using are primarily clover green, yellow, and brown.

    I asked her for a few more details – names, dates, places, etc., – so I could have some interesting text elements to incorporate in the design.  For a wedding design like this,  I like to know if the bride is planning to take the groom’s name; I respect and appreciate that many women make different choices about this issue, and I don’t want to offend anyone by showcasing one last name  when it wouldn’t be appropriate to do so.

    We discussed the fees, and I created a custom listing for Kelly on Etsy that covered our agreed amount and the cost to ship the printed product.  As with all of my custom digital designs, this fee included two preview designs for her to choose from and three minor revisions to the design she chose.

    Once the listing was purchased, I got to work!  Here are the two preview designs that I sent her:

    Preview Design #1

    Preview Design #1

    Preview design #2

    Preview Design #2

    Kelly and Jeff chose Design #1!  From that point, they were entitled to three revisions.  Kelly, sweetheart that she is, only asked for one – they wanted the label to say “Jeffrey” instead of “Jeff.”  Simple!

    This is the final design:

    The finalized design, with the text edited as requested.

    The finalized design, with the text edited as requested.

    Once Kelly approved it, I sent it off to get printed as a 12″x18″ sticker, then packed it up and mailed it to her.  She should receive it in just a couple of days.

    Thanks again, Kelly and Jeff!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and I wish you all the best with your wedding and your life together!

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  • Bri 06.18.2009

    Kat, you are so darn talented; this looks so authentic and awesome!!

  • Beautiful work!

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